Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transiency of Vicissitudes: Curse of the Modern Man

Again I dip my hands in topics most people dare not talk about openly. This topic is the societal notion of a geek, nerd or loser. This has nothing to do with conformity but rather of a degree of intelligence and consideration of others, which might spell our survival as a society in the end.

Why do I say intelligence? First of all intelligent people are evolutionarily linked to being adaptable in new situations. This means that in order to adapt to a certain social situation, it is a requisite that one has to have encountered that particular situation, learned from it and retained the knowledge gained. That my friends takes intelligence. This is what propelled ancients from nomadic hunter-gatherers to city-builders. So social adaptation is an intelligent trait, not of conformity but of integrating ones uniqueness to make the society feel as if it is its own.

Consideration on the other hand is a relative term, meaning one cannot be considerate enough and neither can he be consideration-deficient. But certain situations need the simplest of sense, which for me is the core of consideration. Like in church, we don’t go in to insult God. We don’t take the bus, bring our books and do our homework just to get drunk in school. Meaning there is a modicum of least expected decorum which is socially accepted. Again this not conformity but the realization that the benefit of many may outweigh the benefit of the one. Watch the series Great Migrations in National Geographic TV and you’ll understand this better.

So why is vicissitude nowadays seemingly transient. This is because the value of intelligence has been losing ground. The focus of our societal dictates are now focused on beauty, wealth, status and fame. Soon we will end up with a society of famous beautiful richly connected people with no power to adapt easily, which again is a phenotype of the intelligent. I am not against any of these people but what I am saying is that when a great catastrophe arises, we need to look to the intelligent people with firm unwavering vicissitudes to help us all adapt.

Yet the world looks down upon intelligent people as nerds, geeks and losers worthy of nothing but ridicule and disgust. Even I realize that I get more friends when I try to dumb myself down. That should never be the case, and I truthfully regret it as soon as I do it. These nerds, geeks and losers are the hox genes of society that will turn the tide against a deluge of change which I am undoubtedly sure would come. What will happen if we need these intelligent people and suddenly they realize that by dumbing themselves too much, the transiency of their vicissitudes has become permanent?

Alas! What woe has befallen the vain quests of man.

All I am saying is that the time is ripe for the rejuvenation of the intelligent classes. From the cloisters of laboratories and the shops in their basement, we must learn to give them the podium that will be their pulpit for change. Let us welcome them more and not be afraid to learn from them.

In our movement for modernism let not vicissitudes be transient, lest we all fade by our own hands.

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