Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Irony and Magic of Gedankenexperiment

E=mc2, the equation that will forever change the shape of the universe as we know it (it literally does!). This life-altering gumbo of 3 letters, a number and a symbol, is the offspring of one Albert Einstein, in an earlier gedankenexperiment. This highlights the human frivolity of mind that enables us to produce people whose thinking not just stops outside the box but extends to what is outside where the box is.

This underlies the magic that is gedankenexperiment. In a place were time and space does not exist, there is nothing that binds the mind. And it is this lack of boundary that soars unceasingly into the depths of that which we can’t even perceive or fathom. Some call it imagination, be it as it may, I think this place brings us to somewhere we can’t even begin to imagine.

In this wild untamed world all things are possible and impossible at the same time. It takes the mind of a genius to unravel the web of personal soliloquy in order to make amends of ones mental clashes, a critical and important step to a gedankenexperiment. And it is in this seeming order from pleasant chaos that sequences arise. Sequences that form the cornerstone of methods, methods that through a multitude of tumults births the magic of gedankenexperiment. And it is this magic that turns mortals to gods of themselves and their thought, inane thoughts to brilliant supernovae of innovation and progress.

Yet, by nature of a successful gedankenexperiment, it is lived alone. In the mind’s solitary victory lies the future of not only the gedankenexperiment but of the thought, the thinker and society as a whole. It was as if a light bulb burned brightly in a closed room for no one to see, a mighty river roars in a secluded forest for no one to hear or a fragrant flower blossoms in an unreachable chasm for no one to savor.

A successful gedankenexperiment commences and ends where it began – in the confines of a churning mind. Untouchable. Unbreakable. Unrealized.

Herein lies the irony of a gedankenexperiment. For the life-altering success that it is, man will only reckon it once it is felt. The importance of this victory only remembered if it is transmuted to action. Only when mankind reels from the reality poured forth by the gedankenexperimenter’s mind will it be labeled a success.

Yet, this is the death of gedankenexperiment. When it leaves the mind in sensory portals and transmitted to others by speech, writing or actions, the gedankenexperiment vanishes faster than it was conceived. It is in gedankenexperiment’s demise that we get to know it by name – experiment, science, innovation, technology. All geared to push man to it’s limits and beyond.

Why does it have to be this way? Because it is. The magic of a gedankenexperiment only realized in its ironic and life-changing dismissal.

This was just a gedankenexperiment, but now it isn’t.

Success? You tell me.

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